Smart Branding

Innovation in marketing the region so as to increase regional competitiveness by developing three elements, Tourism, Business and the Face of the City.

Smart Governance

Smart governance can be interpreted as smart city governance, where this component of governance generally highlights the governance of local government as an institution that controls the joints of city life.

Smart Environment

Intelligent environmental management, where there is concern for the environment in the development of the city as much as the attention given to the construction of physical infrastructure and the construction of facilities and infrastructure for residents.

Smart Living

Ensure the feasibility of living standards of the people in it. The feasibility of living standards can be assessed from three elements, namely: Life Pattern Feasibility (Harmony), Feasibility of Health Quality (Health) and Feasibility of Mode of Transportation (Mobility).

Smart Economy

Realizing an economic ecosystem in an area that is able to meet challenges in a disruptive information era and demands a rapid level of adaptation like today.

Smart Society

In a Smart City, interactions between humans have moved towards a socio-technical ecosystem where the physical and virtual dimensions of the lives of city residents are increasingly intensively intertwined.